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One of the widely used packing materials is cardboard box. It is used in a number of environments such as the shipping and packing industry, manufacturing and printing industry and others. If you are planning house removals to Germany or warehouse, or sending parcel to Germany you will definitely need cardboard boxes for the packing of your item. Cardboard boxes refer to boxes made with cardboard papers which are stiff moderately thick papers. These types of paper are available in a number of types given that there are different types of cardboards used in making these boxes. If you are looking for cardboard boxes for any reason, it is important that you have a basic knowledge about cardboard paper, its types, available sizes and strength and the advantages of using it rather than any other type of box. Here are some important facts you should know about cardboard boxes.

Types of cardboard boxes

As it has been said above, cardboard boxes are available in various types depending on what are to be packed in them. Here are some popular types of cardboard boxes.

  • Single, double and triple wall cardboard boxes which are boxes made from single, double and triple wall boards. What makes the difference is the number of sheets papers glued on the corrugated medium. The higher the number of sheet papers glued on a corrugated medium, the thicker the box will be. Given this, triple wall cardboard boxes are thicker than the other types. These boxes are available in a number of sizes as well.
  • Flat cardboard boxes: single wall rigid B flute is used in manufacturing this type of box. It comes with a kraft paper finish. It is used in packing items that have flat surface but with reduced height. It is also available in a number of sizes ranging from small to extra large cardboard boxes.
  • Adjustable cardboard paper
  • End and side opening long cardboard boxes
  • Telescopic cardboard boxes
  • Reinforced, white telescopic boxes
  • Five panel wrap flat cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard loading cases (there are some types that have optional lids
  • Five panel wrapt flat cardboard boxes
  • Square based cardboard boxes
  • Boxes to be stacked on the pallet

What normally makes the difference in the above mentioned types of cardboard boxes is their shape which determines the type of items to be packed in them. Another major difference among these various types of cardboard boxes is the type of cardboard used in making them.

Sizes and strength of cardboard boxes

Types of the boxesAs it has been said above, cardboard boxes are made with various types of cardboard papers, namely, single wall, double wall and triple wall cardboard paper. The triple wall cardboard is thicker than the double wall while the double wall is thicker than single wall cardboard. In other words, boxes made with triple wall cardboard are thicker and offer better cushioned surfaces and thus better shock resistance than boxes made with other types of cardboards. The quality of corrugated medium on which the cardboard papers are glued also determines the strength of the boxes.

So, if you are packing fragile items or heavier items in them, you should look for boxes made with triple wall cardboard for better cushioning effect and shock resistance. This does not mean that others are not good. They are depending on the item that will be stacked in them. Remember that by using proper boxes for packing your items you can avoid moving mistakes that could happen at any stage of your relocation. Check our packing tips when moving abroad.

These boxes are available in a number of sizes ranging from small to extra large or XXL sizes. No matter what you want to pack, you will find a suitable size of cardboard box. Here are some sizes of cardboard boxes:

  • 1000mm
  • 750 to 999mm
  • 500 – 749mm
  • 250 to 499mm
  • 150mm – 249mm
  • 150 mm

If you have a special need, the size can be customised to suit your need. You can discuss your packing needs with our experts and we will help you to get a suitable size of cardboard box for you.

Advantage of using cardboard boxes when moving to Germany

Here are some of the advantages of cardboard boxes:

  • Providing protection to your goods and products
  • Providing packing flexibility (given that it can be cut, stapled, folded, taped and glued to make different sizes
  • Lighter than wooden boxes
  • Offering protection against banging, shocks, vibration and jerks
  • More cost effective than wooden box
  • Easy to be used for packing

The above are some of the benefit of using cardboard boxes. Contact our local branch in Frankfurt or Stuttgart to get curret prices of our cardboard boxes for sale.