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Affordable house removals to Gelsenkirchen

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Man and van to Gelsenkirchen – solutions for small deliveries

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Information about Gelsenkirchen

It is located in the northern part of the Ruhr area in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Before growing into a large urban area, it was a tiny village which first appeared in history in 1150. It grew greatly during the 19th century Industrial Revolution. There was living here about 6,000 people in 1840 when the mining of coal began in the area. But its population gradually grew. In 2015, it has a population of 260,000 people. At the beginning of the 20th century was nicknamed "the city of a thousand fires" because at night, the flames of mine gases can be seen flaring. In fact, during this period, there was no place that was ranked as high as Gelsenkirchen when it comes to coal mining not just in Germany but in the entire Europe.

Later in history, there was a merger of Gelsenkirchen, Buer and Horst to form Gelsenkirchen-Buer in 1928. However, in 1930, the name was also changed to its current name. This place experienced heavy bombardment by the Allied forces in their air raids of the area because it was the major city where coal was produced and oil refined in Germany. After the war, there were no coal miners again as a result of decline in coal mining. As a result we could observe a high unemployment rate. The employment crises lasted for decades. However, through hard work and innovation, it managed to come out of the economic crisis. It is today home to the largest solar power plant in DE. A coal-fired power station located in Gelsenkirchen-Scholven has chimneys which are up to 302m and regarded as the tallest in the country. The old refineries have been restructured and turned into ice skating rinks and event halls. Old rail lines have now become beautiful bike paths

Gelsenkirchen belongs to an urban district in the region of Munster. The head of the government is called the Lord Mayor. .

Expats in Gelsenkirchen

If you are aware that it was once nicknamed the "city with a thousand fires" definitely, you will be thinking that it is not an eco-friendly place. But things have really changed. It is today one of the environmentally friendly cities in Europe. With the old rail lines that transported coals changed into cycling path and the industrial area turned in the famous Nordsternpark, it is easy to see why it is regard as an eco-friendly city. Besides the natural environments , it provides shopping opportunities for shopping enthusiasts. It has two shopping centers. There are a lot of specialist shops in Hochstrabe which is the high street. Besides shopping, there are other entertainment venues such as pubs and streets.

This place is a home to expats that like who live active lifestyle. On the Rhine-Herne Canal was the old Bismarck canal port but today, it has been turned into recreational venues. Some of the old refineries are now venues for ice skating. If you like ice skating, these are the venues to go to. If you are a football fan who follows German Bundesliga, UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa, you would have heard about Schalke 04. It is one of the top ranked football teams in Germany. You can join the local fans in cheering the team up during any of their home matches. The stadium of this football club is the Veltins Arena which has a capacity of 62,000. It was one of the stadia where the FIFA 2006 World Cup was played. Besides footballs, there are sporting events that are being hosted in this stadium and these include car racing, pop concerts and boxing tournaments. You can make out time to watch any of these tournaments going in the stadium.

There is plenty of event venues with activities goings on in them on regular basis. Most of these event centers were created from the former collieries and factories that existed during the industrial revolution and mining era. A popular event venue in the area is die Kaue. Expats who are music lovers will also get the opportunities of catching fun during their stay. Apart from the event centers located here, it also has a music theater which has 1000 seating capacity. This coupled with the municipal museum and the halfmannshof artists community omakes a great cultural destination. Besides old refineries converted in other types of attractions, there are also newly constructed buildings and attractions. The Zoom which is a zoo that is new constructed iis a typical example of attractions constructed from the beginning to the end in the modern area. It homes different species of wildlife from Africa, Asia and Alaska.

It has different kinds of education institution including a university which is located in the northern part in a locality called Buer. Buer has cosy pubs and great street cafes and as a result, its pedestrianised shopping area has great atmosphere.

Expats who want to delve into the past o should consider living in the southern part which was the home for the first coal mines as well as its first industrial estates.

Indeed, expats living hereshould count themselves blessed. It has lot of infrastructures and attractions but if they are not happy with what it has to offer, they can easily get to bigger cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf as these cities are closer to Gelsenkirchen.

Reasons/advantages/disadvantages of moving and living in Gelsenkirchen

Living in GelsenkirchenLiving in Gelsenkirchen will give expats a lot of benefits despite the fact that it is not yet a perfect place. Here are reasons why you should consider moving and residing here.

Eco-friendly urbane area
One of the reasons why you should consider moving to Gelsenkirchen especially if you are an eco-friendly campaigner is because it is an eco-friendly location. A lot of reconstruction works were carried after the World War II. This coupled with the decline of mining which transfigured this area from an industrial and coal mining city to an oasis of nature. It is a good location for any person that will like to explore nature.

Life and sport
It  is a great destination for people that like living an active life and sport enthusiasts especially football enthusiasts especially those that have penchant for football. It has sports venues and recreational facilities for its residents. You can go to the Veltins Arena to watch live football match. Car racing and boxing tournaments are also organized in this arena.

Plenty of attractions
There is a number of cultural and historical attractions. Though it is not a popular tourist destination, there are still a number of things that residents that want to catch fun can do. It has both indoor and outdoor attractions. Trails and riding paths are also available. Coys pubs and street cafes are all available around every corner. A day outing with your family to Zoom will definitely make your day. Different species of wildlife from Africa, Asia and Alaska are spotted in this zoo.

Wonderful location
It is located close to two great cities in Germany, namely, Cologne and Dusseldorf. This means that expats has the opportunity of having deep knowledge of German culture. They can make out time and visit these cities with great cultural and historical heritages if nothing in Gelsenkirchen impresses them. It is well linked to these cities.

Clean place
Apart from being an eco-friendly, it is a very clean towny which also gives it an edge over some other cities. The cleanliness helps to improve or enhance the quality of health. Besides, it is a beautiful areay. A lot of works were done in order to transformed the colliers, mining sites and industrial areas into some other thing useful for the residents.

Affordable living cost Expats from the UK will find things especially accommodation cost less expensive than they are in the UK.