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We are sure you have got a lot to consider when you plan to move home, not to say when you plan to move to another country! We perfectly know that it may be a stressful time for you, therefore we will be happy to share our experience with you and take this burden off your shoulders. We offer expert but cheap removals to Nürnberg from the UK and entire Europe, for example from Poland, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and any place you can imagine.

House removals to NurembergWe have been operating in the removals industry for several decades now and have built our reputation based on maintaining highest standards while offering affordable rates for removals Nuremberg. We offer safe full house removals, moving boxes and furniture, pallets delivery, single items moving, and next day delivery to Nuremberg from UK and another way around.
If you’d like to know how much does it cost to move to Nuremberg regardless whether you are just at the stage of planning and want an initial quote or the decision has already been made and you need bonding offers, we will be happy to help. Cheap removals to Nürnberg quote can be issued either online, or as based on a free on-site survey. Such survey is not obligating in any way, so you do not have anything to be worried about. Check the costs of moving house, same day delivery to Nürnberg, moving single items or boxes and let us tailor our man and van to Germany offer to your specific needs.

Our quick removals from UK to Nuremberg include:

  • 3-bedroom house removals;
  • Business removals;
  • Part load moving service to Nuremberg;
  • Service tailored to the needs and budget;
  • Furniture and boxes delivery to Nuremberg;
  • Same day and next day delivery options;
  • Packing service.

The above list is not exhaustive as we strive to serve our customers best and meet their even the most stringent requirements. We have moved hundreds of customers and their various belongings according to their needs. Our professional Nürnberg removals company specialises in full house removals, moving furniture to Nürnberg, which includes antiques and fragile items, small removals, and express pallet deliveries. Each moving service is equally important to us, whether it is moving single box or moving the belongings of your entire household. Cheap removals Nürnberg is right at your fingertips. Our vehicles go between the UK and Nuremberg every day so we are ready to answer your needs in no time. Our experience allows us to provide you with an instant quote for express removals from UK, and indicate you how long moving to Nuremberg from UK will most probably take. Moreover, we will advise how you should pack your goods to ensure their complete safety as well as how many people our team should be composed of to make it go smoothly.

Man and van Nuremberg

Our expert drivers will take utmost care of your goods during the small removals to Nuremberg or full house moving. We understand that every move is different and therefore we offer individual prices based on the amount of goods you have. It means that when you choose our man with a van to Nuremberg service you do not have to pay for a full van or even a half of a van – you will be charged accordingly to the exact volume of goods you are moving to Nürnberg. Our vans going every day allow us to segment the space and charge our customers only for the space which is really occupied by their goods.  Cheap man and van Nuremberg service is available for you and your moving needs. Do not hesitate and call us to order express man with van, short-notice transport of furniture, moving boxes, small removals, pallet delivery or anything else you may need.

Check what we can offer you:

  • Full load removals to Nürnberg from UK;
  • shared van service;
  • Comprehensive moving services to Nuremberg from UK, which includes packing of your belongings, transportation, unloading and unpacking the goods at delivery location;
  • Quick and efficient customer service that leads to express booking of cheap man with a van Nuremberg;
  • Ongoing assistance of dedicated move coordinator;
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  • Free man and van moving quote and on-site surveys, which do not obligate to purchase.

We are extremely proud that by hiring our cheap man and van Nuremberg, our customers experience a hassle-free moving process. We take utmost care to our customers and their goods and aim at providing the best man with a van from UK to Nuremberg service, or local man and van Dresden to Nuremberg transportation.

Cheap removals from the UK to Nuremberg

Moving to Nuremberg is one thing you will do one day if you are a vibrant expat searching for the best opportunities, especially if you are a science, engineering or technology professional. However, you may also be involved in relocation because you want to join your family, because you are moving to that place to study, moving before Brexit, because you want to join up with your partner or because you are going on holidays. Whichever reason you are moving to the city from the UK for, you will need a reliable and experienced moving company to help you with arranging cheap removals to Nuremberg as well as UK to Duisburg removals.

Sending items to NurembergIt does not end here. Many people who are into businesses will also need a firm to offer their removals service to Nuremberg. For all these services, you have a reliable partner in our professional but cheap man with a van. We are one of the removal companies Nürnberg that will take care of everything about your relocation. We are so versatile in the type of services we offer that no matter the size of properties you have, and no matter the destination and location, we can comfortably move them for you and deliver them safely and on time to your destination. We will send our skilled driver to your address at a time convenient to you if you choose our man and van Nürnberg, to help you with moving furniture to Nürnberg, moving boxes, single items, pallets or moving house to Nürnberg or removals to Bochum.

We can pick the items from your location and deliver them to our office in Nuremberg for you. You can also drop them in our office in the UK if you wish and we will deliver them to your destination or at our office for you to come and pick them later. But if you need the full and comprehensive door to door service for your express removals to Nuremberg, then we can come to whichever location your properties are stationed in the UK, pick them up, relocate them to Nuremberg and deliver them at any destination you choose in the city. All these services are offered to you at highly cost effective rates of our quick man with a van to Nuremberg.

We can take care of all sorts of home and office properties as our man and van service is not only directed to private persons. We can move properties of a single room or even undertake a single item moving to Nürnberg because no job is too small for us and we can also relocate an entire house for you, delivering all the properties therein safely and on time. We can move your single room office, and can also move an entire office complex too, since no job is too big for us as well. Our express man and van to Nuremberg will move your house or office overnight.

For the delivery of your washing machines, boxes, sofas, dining tables, armchairs, mattresses, beds, chest of drawers, fridges and all forms of home furniture removals, contact our shared van to Nuremberg service. We can also take care of your man and van hire and sending excess baggage to Nuremberg since the airlines have limited load spaces. We also offer express courier to Nuremberg. Our courier service is cheap, fast and also offers door to door services. It is the best for you when you take a last minute decision to be delivered the same day or the next day. Come to us with your short notice deliveries 24/7 and we will handle them as they come. We also offer complex shipping to Germany including packing and storage services as you wish.

Delivery to Nuremberg and back

Whether you order to collect and haul 9 or seventeen packing boxes, only some items of garden furniture or are choosing a full three or four bedroom house or flat removal companies  Nuremberg from the UK and all Europe we will be agitated to prepare your relocation. We offer our services to both domestic, fiscal and industrial customers. As experienced cheap movers and long distance man and van in Nuremberg we execute all amount of global collect and transport solutions at cheap, standard transport costs. Compare our man with a van to Munster from Nuremberg and save on your relocation.

There is no transfer we would not carry out, execute and sew up. We are in position to pick up and ship pocket-size and bantam personal things like 1 bag, cardboard boxes, TV, server suite, sofa-beds, outdoor furniture, small black girly scoop neck or nikon lens in moving packing boxes as well as to collect and move complete and 5 bedroom goods like golf bag, bench saw, z' bed, large sofa, vanity seat, desk, wireless set, clothing, house and garden items and more.

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Simply utilize us with expedition and get in touch with up to 4 freight forwarders that will hand over to you costless proposals for shipping one package with domestic belongings, for delivering 310 ft3 or for full three or six bedroom, or only sending boxes to Nuremberg from London, Lincoln, Chester, Liverpool, Preston, Sunderland or Worcester. Make certain how much is to transport 1 swinging sofa, changing table, dishwasher, portable BBQ, bean bag, table, chair or garden furniture and garage tools. Inquire about a slick, trusty and decent cheap one way van hire and enjoy a long distance removals to Schweinau, Veilhof, Thon, Gaismannshof, Grossgründlach and Sündersbühl.. Check our offer of weekday and weekend removals to Stuttgart from Nuremberg.

Our out of sight urgent road transport services contain:

  • High-Class wrapping materials and packing and wardrobe moving boxes supply
  • Budget household removals to Bärenschanze
  • Budget economy two men and a van to Moorenbrunn
  • Zero downtime business transition
  • Expert organization moves to Zerzabelshof
  • Courier packing service and packing and moving
  • Unpacking of IT equipment, re-commission and server moving to Schleifweg
  • Office furniture disposal in Mühlhof, Buchenbühl, Schmausenbuckstrasse etc.
  • Plant machinery removals to Nuremberg from London, Birmingham, Hull, Bradford, Norwich and more
  • Emergency refrigerated products and frozen food haulage and cheap removals to Cologne from Nuremberg, Bologna, Brussels, Kaunas, Turin, Valladolid, Palma, Bremen etc...
  • Economy one way van hire
  • Storage space, storage rooms
  • Average costs of moving 2 or 3 bags, 250 ft3, 400 cubic ft., 48 m3 or 4 cubic meters of everyday-use wares, sport equipment and TV & media furniture.


Nuremberg is located by the Rhine main Danube canal, and the river Pegnitz of the state of Bavaria. It is located within the middle Franconia administrative region, which is positioned at about 170 kilometres towards the northern part of the state capital named Munich. Within the state of Bavaria, it stands as the second largest settlement, while it is also the largest in the Franconia region. It stands as the fourteenth largest city when you consider the fact that it has a population of 517,498 inhabitants as at 2015. Moving further to the larger Nuremberg urban area, you will get communities and towns like Schwabach, Erlangen, and Fürth, and with these, the total population of the urban area rises to 763,854. Moving further up towards the metropolitan area which includes many other adjoining suburbs and villages, you will get a population that is up to 3.5 million inhabitants.

Nuremberg birdgeIt has been known for the handmade toys, sausages and gingerbread products it makes, and it still retains this tag as it still churns out these products. During the 16th century, it was also known for the manufacturing of pocket watches known as Nuremberg eggs. It became the centre of industrialization in the Bavaria area around the 19th century.  Such huge firms as MAN and Siemens had their headquarters here. This has not left the place still, as it is still one of the major industrial centres in eastern and central Europe. Mechanical, electrical, and optical products are manufactured here till date, coupled with motor vehicles, drawing and writing paraphernalia, printed materials and stationery products. When it comes to other services like medical technology, energy, and automation, you will also find this area on top.

The Siemens Company still employs most of the masses here. However, majority of the research agencies also have their offices here, so they also employ a huge number of people.  There is an international toy fair, and this is the largest of such fairs you can ever get anywhere in the world. There are held some other high tech fairs, and they bring in experts from all over the globe.

Last-minute moving services to Nuremberg

If you are attempting to get a half-priced emergency one way man in van from UK you are on a master Internet portal. For us no relocation is too undersized or too oversize! Our honest, overnight UK to Nuremberg one way van and driver provide each quhire-van-to-nuremberg.jpgality of freight: household possessions shipping to Boxdorf from Lancaster, last minute one way van hire to Dianastrasse from Leeds, worth the money sea freight of vehicles to Glockenhof from Durham, express clothes basket delivery to Wöhrd from Lisburn or transporting a car to Grossreuth b. Schweinau from Lichfield.

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Living in Nuremberg

It is one of the most important industrial cities here, and it hosts a lot of multinational organizations, especially those engaged in toy manufacturing and other engineering services.
It follows in the same line with its neighbouring western European nations to enjoy the oceanic climate. So, you have to bear this in mind when coming here. However, because of the fact that it has an inland location, and because it is located on a high altitude, there is a difference between her climatic condition and that of other cities in the same Bavaria state. Because of this, the summer here is always dry and very warm and the temperature can average about 25°C. However, rainfall is experienced in July here. The winter time here comes with a mix of cold and mild weather and the temperature normally stays between -3°C and 4°C. There is always precipitation during these months.

Some expatriates coming here may need visa on their passports. However, this will solely depend on the country you are coming from. This is because all citizens of other European Union states are allowed free entry into Bavaria without any visa, and they can also work for at least three months without a work permit.  This is also open to Swiss and EEA nationals.  However, if you are coming from any of the mentioned countries and wish to stay here for more than 90 days, then you have to register with the local authorities. This includes all UK citizens. If you are coming from other European countries that are not members of the EU or from other countries of the world, you will need a visa to come and a residency permit to live here. This visa should be gotten from the embassy or consulate in your country and it could take up to one month for this to be granted, so you have to apply on time.

Because of the fact that this area has a huge number of experts in it, even the local public schools has a huge presence of international students. Because of this, it is very easy for expat’s kids who are new to settle down and adapt. Apart from this, there are many international schools of high standard where expats can enrol their kids. The Franconia international school is one of them, and it teaches music and science like no other. This is so huge that it includes classes from the kindergarten level up to the level of baccalaureate.

Hire van to NurembergOne of the biggest universities, named the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is also located here. This has been in the ranking of the top 10 universities for a long time and it thrives in science, technology and engineering. It is also a huge contributor to the economy. This is because it churns out students well prepared to secure employment in most of the engineering and technology firms located there. Because of its exploits, the private sector injects a huge amount of funds to support it and it is also one of the members of the Top Industrial Managers for Europe network.

A lot of the products made here are exported to the eastern European cities that are nearby, and this is done through the popular motorway system known as the Auto-Bahn. The public transportation system could be described as excellent and people can comfortable live here without driving private cars and there will not be any problems. It has a six line tram system, and this covers more than 36 km across the area. It has been processing at least 40 million passengers on a yearly basis. There is also a subway system which is known as the U-Bahn. Another train network which takes care of the urban, regional and intercity links is named the S-Bahn. They are easily accessible and will be okay for any transport need an expat will have here.

There’s also a bus network there. This is actually not the preferred system for passengers because it is slower than the tram system. There is also the high speed train that runs through Nuremberg–Ingolstadt–Munich. The trains cover about 300 km/h, and through them, the city is connected to other neighbouring areas. There are times when the traffic in the centre becomes unbearable, especially during the peak hours. However, this can never be as terrible as what you get in Berlin and other major cities.

Because of the intellectual history of this location, you will witness a lot of galleries and museums here. Expats who enjoy these will have a lot of them for their leisure. One of the most popular is the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and here; everything about  culture, art and history is displayed. There is also the Albrecht Dürer's House which is actually where the famous artist lived around the 16th century. There are also the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra and the Nuremberg State Theater. Another thing about the culture which you will enjoy as an expat includes their food. The famous Lebkuchen which means gingerbread cakes is a traditional piece of cuisine. This is coupled with the Nürnberger Bratwurst. The area is host to many bars, cafes, and restaurants, and it offers lots of intercontinental dishes to meet the needs of the numerous expats from around the world living here.

The economy is diverse, so the modern and traditional markets all play their respective roles.  Here, the food industry thrives on the traditional Lebkuchen gingerbread cakes, and many other food products. It also manufactures the popular Nuremberg Egg pocket watches. Coming to the heavy industries sector, it deals much on engineering and electrical equipment. So firms like Man SE and Siemens which stands as the largest firm also thrive. These two, coupled with many other manufacturing and engineering firms employ a huge number of the expats here. The market research area is another area that employs a lot of the expats, and a third of the entire market research firms are located here. Many of the remaining expats get into the services sector or into the teaching of English language which also thrives here.

While the EU and EEA nationals with the exception of Croatia will not need any work permit to work in Nuremberg, the same could not be said of people from other countries.  However, when you are coming from a non EU country, getting the work permit will most likely depend on the skill you have to sell. This must be one that adds value to the economy or you may have secured a job already, in which case, your employer should sponsor the work permit. The work permits in are divided into three; the general work permit named Arbeitserlaubnis, the work permit for specialist professionals named the Blue Card EU and then the work permit for self-employment.

Expats who live and work here must pay income tax on the earnings. They have a progressive system which means that your tax increases with your earnings, from 0–45% up. However, if you earn less than 8,004 EURO, there will be no tax for you. You also pay a solidarity charge, which is a 5.5% of your income tax. The tax and the social security payments are deducted from your wages.

Furniture removals to Nuremberg

The freight forwarding services that we sale are not limited to the bargain and 24/7 one way van going to Nuremberg from Stirling, Cambridge, Salford, Glasgow and Newcastle upon Tyne and all the British Empire. Our acknowledged, smart and same day UK to Nuremberg moving companies can cater for and make:

  • Cargo packing services, home packing
  • Office furniture recycling and transportation - cupboards, wardrobes, office furniture, manufacturing machinery
  • Urgent chilled food, meat and fish transport from UK to Karlsruhe removals, delivery to York, Londonderry, Brighton, Bath, St Albans and from Carlisle
  • cargo roll, tank and car carriers container shipping to Nuremberg from Portugal, Italy, England, Gibraltar, Scotland and all Europe
  • Storage solutions, file storage, car storage
  • Confidential paper shredding
  • Office furniture recycling
  • 24/7 one way van hire company
  • Respectable one bedroom terrace house and two or four or 3 or 1 bedroom flat express removals Nuremberg to UK, Wolverhampton, Winchester, Chichester, Westminster, Leicester, Sheffield and many more.

Check-up free of cost cheap moving van hire to Nuremberg quotations. Get free long distance two men, van and driver hire average costs for moving five or four, 13 or 40 boxes, plastic furniture, drawing board, portable gas fire, refrigerator, washing machine, bedside table, bed and garage stuff. Meet online urgent removals to Nuremberg from Peterborough, Cardiff, Canterbury, Belfast, Salisbury, Wakefield and all the UK. We operate varied types of economy removal trucks for hire - 7.5 Tonne GVW Box, 2000 cubic feet, Air Ride Suspension, 7.5 Tonne with Tail Lift, hook lift, Mercedes 311CDi Long Wheelbase and more. All our emergency one way van hire from Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, France and all Europe cater for very true-hearted cardboard storage boxes, sofa, closet, freezer, oven, house content, private items and dining table moving solutions at economical and  overnight man with a van hire prices. Our relocation firms will never tell they are distressed, worn or that the move is too immense.

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Moving to Nuremberg

One of the best places that anyone can possibly dream to live and work is Nuremberg and that is one of the reasons you should desire to move to this place.  The number one attribute is its cleanliness. It is that its neatness radiates all around it, such that even naturally untidy people find it difficult to live here.
Whenever an expat is moving out from his city to another one, he is doing so because of job and business purposes. That is what it has in abundance for you as an expat. If you happen to be in the science, technology and engineering fields, then you should not panic because jobs are waiting for you in these areas. There are lots of firms in these sectors, and they employ a lot of expats for their senior and middle management positions here. These firms also pay good wages and offer wonderful working conditions.

Street of NurembergOne more thing is that because of the stability of the local economy, there are many opportunities for businesses here, especially those offering affiliate services to these firms. If you are coming in with one, rest assured that it will sell.
This is also one of the safest cities. The country is a generally safe one, but Nuremberg takes things a notch higher by being one place where you may live for years without witnessing any form of high profile crime. In fact, the neighbourhoods are so safe that your kids will roam and play around without any fears. It is one great attribute that should bring you here.

The transportation system is another excellent reason why you should move to this place. With many options to choose from, ranging from the Autobahn, the U-Bahn and S-Bahn trams all operating within this small settlement, coupled with the underground train and the bus lines, you won’t have any transport problems. All you need to do is to choose the one you prefer and you will soon be wherever you want to be. They are prompt, fast and very effective.

Another great thing is the cost of childcare. We all know that taking care of kids has become a very huge challenge in the western world. This has even made many people to restrain from bearing kids and building families. But there is a very great support for parents with kids, so the child care is very cheap here. The cost of child education, nanny care and others are very cheap and expats will enjoy this.

The cost of living is another thing that may attract people. Just like every other city, this place has one of the lowest costs of living in the entire Europe. So, you can easily rent an apartment, pay your children's school fees, pay up your utility bills and still have a lot to save for the rainy days.

However, one disadvantage is that there are not many English speakers here. The caveat is that if you want to mix and settle down easily, then you should learn a little bit of locals, even before you come to this place. It is one thing that will give you an edge over other non-German speaking expats, unless you want to limit your social interactions to your fellow expats alone.

Hire man with a van to Nuremberg from whole Europe

If you are planning a crying and halcyon home moving boxes, a motorbike and goods removals from the UK to Buch, Langwasser Nordwest, Neunhof, Eberhardshof, Uhlandstrasse, Gostenhof or to any district in Nuremberg we have an extraordinary declaration for you. Wherever you are our same day one way moving van for hire is in position to move your chattels. We are capable to shift any classifications of effects, goods, furniture and other merchandise for both private and retail clients.

For public purchasers our one way removal vans for rental have the experience to sort out:

  • Express 1 or 5 bedroom flat or house removals firms to Altenfurt Nord from Stoke-on-Trent, to Hummelstein from Nottingham, to Maiach from London, to Westfriedhof from Derby, to St. Johannis from Portsmouth, to Trierer Strasse from Oxford and from all the Great Britain
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  • Economy office move - server racking, projector, fax machines, pens and pencils, graph paper
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  • Furniture clearance
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Whether you crave to collect and deliver 1 or 20 suitcases, a few bits of kids toys or are leaving no stone unturned for a full 1 or 2 bedroom home removals companies to Nuremberg from the UK and all Europe we will be joyful to fulfil your expectation. Request our rates for Nuremberg to Berlin man and van services, and check how competetive we are.

Buying / renting a house in Nuremberg

It has a very good housing system. Renting and buying will also depend on where you intend to live and the amount of money you have.  The homes are scattered in different parts of the area and you have to search well before you rent or buy. As an expat who may not be good in the language, you need to hire an English speaking agent to help you out with the house search. If you are looking for a one bedroom apartment in the centre, then it will cost you about €570.00, €450.00 or €700.00 per month, while outside the centre, it will cost about €478.89, €350.00 or €550.00 per month. An apartment of 3 bedrooms will cost about €1,050.00, €900.00 or €1,400.00 per month in the city centre, while outside the centre; it will cost about €801.11, €600.00 or €1,100.00 per month. If you want to buy an apartment in the centre, then you have to be ready to pay about €2,666.67, €2,000.00 or €3,000.00 per square meter, while outside the centre, it costs about €2,000.00, €1,500.00 or €2,500.00 per square meter. The interest rate for mortgages stands at about 2.02, 1.65 or 2.60 percent per annum.

British expats, British community and British Clubs

Whenever you get into a new place as an expat, the first thing is for you to search for fellow expats to help you settle down. If you are coming from the UK, then searching for British expats will be the next thing to do. There are several clubs and forums that bring British expats together. The first one is the InterNations online forum. This is where you will meet men and women, chat with them, interact with them, make inquiries about life and how to go about it, either privately on in the online public forum and get answers that will help you. Some other British expat forums and clubs include HENhaus – Volunteer organization to welcome women when they arrive. Chickhaus is a volunteer organ that also brings women together here. There are also the International Womens Group (IWG) and the Volkhochshule Erlangen – Club INTERNATIONAL.

Sending goods to Nuremberg

Apart from petite friendly residential transshipments our overnight man with van offer packing boxes for sale, personal belongings and personal effects delivery to Nuremberg in miscellaneous types of containers - one-fourth of frozen, collapsible rack, heated and dry cargo shipping container just to name a few. There is no requirement to use a full 20ft container. We have the right equipment to make consistent our free last minute London to Nuremberg man and van costs proposal to your indivisible inquiry.

Our cut-price short notice intercontinental haulage services encompass:

  • Wardrobe boxes for moving, bubbles, stuff protecting
  • Use of removal equipment such as polythene armchair covers, bolt cutters, tape dispensers, pallet trucks, wrenches and different
  • Sending single item to Nuremberg such as: blanket racks removals to Schoppershof, single wardrobe transport to Gleisshammer, coffee table sea shipping to Worzeldorf, fireplace grate air and sea shipping to Erlenstegen, folding screen cartage to Röthenbach West, wooden furniture transport to Himpfelshof or sideboard + dresser hauling to Dutzendteich
  • Modern, latest delivery trucks for hire - Toyota Hiace Quick Delivery, Luton extend box vans, Vauxhall Combo 1.3D, 3.5 Tonne GVW lorries for hire, 7.5 ton Box hire
  • Next day freight delivery and palletized goods freight from Croatia, Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, Belgium, Montenegro etc...
  • Baggage,  living room furniture, luggage, grouped, flexible size container delivery to Nuremberg from London, Birmingham, Hull, Bradford, Norwich, Lancaster, Leeds, Durham and Britain
  • Charge-free present average boxes and furniture moving costs to Nuremberg cost proffer
  • Rough costs of sending 3 boxes, 300 ft3, 700 cubic ft., 46 m3 or 27 cubic meters of domestic belongings, white goods and living room furniture.

How much does it cost removals to Nuremberg

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