Excess baggage delivery

Excess baggage services to Germany from the UK

Travelling abroad by air comes with draconian restrictions on baggage allowance. Failure to comply with the weight or size limitations results in steep fines that can often exceed the economy class air fare. In some cases, you may even be refused the service. Is it worth the stress?

Overallowance baggageIf you’re on your way to Berlin any soon, there is no shortage of excess baggage services to Germany from the UK that will handle the extra few pounds you’re carrying in your suitcase. With some airlines charging £10 for every extra kilogramme, getting a fast door-to-door baggage transportation service will mean a hassle-free flight for you. And a cheap one, too.

That’s the easiest way out. Only it isn’t always possible. After all, you may want to use your personal professional golf equipment on that holiday in Spain. Or your skis for the New Year in Switzerland. Airlines come down hard on excess luggage weight and oversized baggage and will readily dole out hefty fines that’ll quickly exceed the air fare itself. Luckily, there are a number of tested solutions. Let’s look into excess luggage services to Germany from the UK. With this kind of services your relocation to Germany will be much cheaper.

Sending excess baggage at budget-friendly rates

While travelling by air is relatively cheap, it means either strict limitations on your baggage or ridiculous fees for every extra kilogramme or inch. A simple and cost-effective solution to that. Consider getting an excess baggage service with practically no limits on weight or size. In fact, there are countless options available to choose from. Sending your oversized or special baggage with the help of a professional service will often turn out cheaper than if you were to check it in at the airport. Wondering about the possibilities?

Customisable courier deliveries

Sending oversized baggage has never been easier, with a number of professional companies carrying out instant delivery services. Typically, ordering an excess baggage service will allow you a lot of flexibility. A standard offer includes:

  • door-to-door delivery
  • simple online booking interface
  • individual customer number
  • luggage tracking on your smartphone
  • 24/7 customer support
  • convenient collection hours

Excess luggage services are to a large extent personalised. You even get to meet the actual courier when they arrive to collect your parcel and monitor it all along the way, if you so wish. And there’s no more waiting at the baggage claim at the airport!

Sending excess baggage to Germany from the UK comes with some restrictions, as the UK is no longer a member state of the European Union. This means some preparations have to be made in advance.

Customs duties and tax

Baggage servicesShipping goods to Germany from the UK means your baggage will have to be cleared at customs. This is why a customs invoice should be included in your shipment. It should clearly state the content of your baggage in the form of a detailed, itemised packing list. Failure to attach a customs invoice will result in impounding the baggage and you will incur the cost of sending it back. A professional excess luggage service company will provide you with the right type of document to fill out. They’ll make certain everything is cleared appropriately.

Before despatching your baggage to Germany, however, you should research the country’s customs duties policies to make sure you baggage will be cleared. Some products and items are banned in Germany. Standardly, these are:

  • medicinal substances
  • animal products
  • perishable foods
  • plants
  • liquids
  • documents containing personal information – passports, IDs
  • legal tenders, credit and debit cards
  • dangerous and hazardous goods

What can you send as oversized baggage?

The offers will slightly vary from company to company. They will typically accept and deliver any oversized baggage that you would otherwise try checking in at the airport, having to cover the extra costs involved. Here are the most common things sent through parallel baggage services:

  • suitcases – any content you would normally take with you for holidays
  • parcels – partial household removals to Germany, household effects, etc.
  • bicycles
  • musical instruments – guitars, electronic pianos, drum sets; it is crucial to pack your instrument securely
  • sporting equipment – golf club, skis, climbing equipment, etc.
With personalised excess baggage services, your special luggage will make it to the destination usually within one day after your arrival. Some companies may offer sending baggage ahead of time, synchronised with your arrival.